MAS EGYPT CO is working in the field of architecture decoration and contracting since 1990 proving that we are working in something unique, creative and innovative in every possible way

One of our goals and targets is to mix both our artistic taste in architecture and what the client desires to assure that both ideas can co-exist to come out with the best shape, quality and cheapest price

So what is our work ???... what did we work on before !!!

Villa’s !.. yes

Residential houses !.... of course

Shoppes , office buildings???!!...... everything and anything you desire can be found here and achieved by own highly qualified team of architects , designers and field experts

Designers :

We present to you our highly qualified Architects and decoration designers with professional skills at architecture design , modifying and 3d designs to present to you the ideas you have in mind even before they are applied in the field site

Field and Site Experts :

Always present at the site field to supervise work , arrange and take care of the time frame of the project and make sure that the work is going on track and on the designed schedule with high and rich experience

Our presence in the field is extremely important to assure that the design is applied from A to Z as your preferred design and the fixtures of the chosen materials in correct and not faulty

Materials :

All materials used and applied in your project are all of your choice and we let you choose from a numerous number of materials from marble , wood , ceramic , basalt , mosaic and all other kinds of materials for you interior and exterior design including false and suspended ceiling


Just say what you need and you will be provided with the right worker to do the job perfectly, we come to you with our electricians, plumbers, carpenters and everything

You may take time to think but yes… MAS EGYPT is your correct choice and we are happy to give you the art and innovation you desire

Arch: Saad Ahmed Saad